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Soul Realignment Family




12 Weeks

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Realign to your truest self

Discover who you and your family are at Soul Level.

Want to know who your children are at Soul level so you can parent them for who they are?

In this comprehensive family session will discover not only who you are are at Soul level but all the people around you!

This is the child manual that you wish you had!

Find confidence in your self and your parenting with this comprehensive and detailed session on who you are and who your children are. You can raise your children knowing their strengths and weakness. Recognising them at their truest self. Seeing them for who they are and what makes them shine.

This package is for the whole family, so if you think knowing your children at Soul level is nothing short of amazing, imagine knowing your partner at Soul level.

Create peace and harmony within your family by knowing your family at their truest self.

For all members of your family you will discover what choices and changes you can make to increase energy levels, direct communication in a constructive manner, build experiences suited to individuals and clear all blocks, restrictions and negative patterns that have been running unconsciously in the background.

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