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Natasha - Port Stephens 

I have been using Krystal’s services since 2021 and to say that her work is amazing is an understatement.Krystal has helped me in all aspects of her services and the outcome, well, let’s just say I am a whole new person ready to take on the worldIt is not a “oh no, somethings going to stop me” anymore - It is now a “nothing is going to stop me and watch this space”.Everyone needs to feel this way, it is sensational!A friend called me a ‘trailblazer’ after I explained the work I have been doing on myself over the last year with Krystal……I actually had to google what that meant lol 😂 but when I read the terminology…. She is absolutely right. 5 stars from this happy client.Hands Down!

Kasia, Nelson Bay

After years of PMDD that would not respond to antidepressants or hormone therapy, hypnotherapy sounded too good to be true. Turns out my biggest barrier to wellness was overcoming my initial scepticism and nerves about what hypnotherapy was and was not. Krystal is welcoming, genuine, and clear about the service she provides, and she took the time to reassure me and to understand ‘my’ experience of PMDD and what I wanted to change. The effects were immediate after a single session, and three months later my family and I are still reaping the benefits. I cannot recommend Krystal enough!

Kath, Morpeth

You will not regret venturing into Hypnotherapy. Imagine that finally you can overcome these challenges that have been blocking your from having the life you want, finally being free and unburdened to be the real you. This life changing therapy heals the mind, body and spirit.

Renee, Northern Territory

Krystal is amazing. I highly recommend her. She is so lovely and instantly puts you at ease. Felt like I'd known her for years after our first session.

Jenny - East Maitland

I'm excited about my new journey to losing the weight and keeping it off. Krystal's work has helped me to exceed my expectations.

Chris - Lemon Tree Passage

The whole process was easy, comfortable and positive with a great outcome.

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